About Us

The East West Medical Center was established in 1973 and is one of Delhiā€™s first private hospitals.
We are proud to have treated people from all walks of life, over the span of almost 5 decades and continue to do so.
Our patients and visitors enjoy a high level of comfort at our facility and appreciate the professional and empathetic care delivered by our staff.
We offer an impressive array of different services, a high level of patient satisfaction and the efficient provision of health related services all tailored to meet individual healthcare needs.
Everything that the East West Medical Center does is always geared towards one primary goal; your care & health.
Proof of this are the thousands of supportive thank you letters, telegrams, aerograms, telexes, emails, cards and art work from our patients over the decades which we have proudly decorated at various areas of the hospital. It is a constant reminder of why we strive to serve our patients to the best of our capabilities.

The East West Medical Center is a state of the art modern medical facility providing attentive, quality care of international standards. Specialists at East West Medical Center are highly skilled and experienced in their respective disciplines. Our staff members are trained to be fully conversant with the best of customer care and quality practices, as well as efficient communication, courtesy and impeccably consistent delivery of expert care. We ensure a high level of patient satisfaction and the efficient provision of services.

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